Screed front bezel connection structure of dismouting exempts from



The utility model discloses a screed front bezel connection structure of dismouting exempts from, including the front bezel body, set up a plurality of front bezels installation pieces of being connected with the screed handle on the edition of books is personally experienced sth. Part of the body in the front to and set up in the front a plurality of and screed on the edition of books body supporting front bezel fixed block that vibrates, be equipped with a pair of hole on the front bezel fixed block, front bezel body upper end is equipped with that to cooperate its quantity suitable many to the hole with front bezel fixed block hole. The utility model discloses the connected mode of front bezel and supporting changes the face contact into by original line contact, has improved traditional each section current situation that the height is uneven, during the preceding sheet separation of adjustment, adopt handle structure to draw and push up the regulation of combination formula to the front bezel, make the adjustment reliable and simple of front bezel, wear -resisting piece has changed the structural style of traditional antifriction plate, designs and processes for the massive structure and to wear -resisting piece binding face, has improved the homogeneity in wear -resisting piece and the roof beam clearance of vibrating, in the concatenation of screed extension section, the dismouting is exempted from to the front bezel, has improved the convenience of connecting, has saved the connect hours.




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