Automatic assembly line of valve body machining



The utility model relates to an automatic assembly line of valve body machining. Connecting seat on the general accuracy machine tool processing valve body that main solution had now need carry out the problem that the dress blocks many times, geometric tolerances is difficult to the assurance, the valve body quality is wayward and machining efficiency is low. Its characterized in that: the opposite side of horizontal numerical control sliding table (2) be equipped with face -milling unit head (6), bore hole unit head (7), milling flutes unit head (8) and the drilling unit head of installing respectively on vertical slip table (28) (9) in proper order from a left side to the right side, supporting seat (17) top is fixed with three V -arrangement locating plate (18), is equipped with the pneumatic anchor clamps (19) that go up and down to deflect on supporting seat (17). The utility model discloses a PLC control can be carried voluntarily the valve body, the dress card, processed out each processing position of connecting seat on the valve body according to the order, owing to adopt the processing of disposable dress card assembly line, has guaranteed the machining precision, and the valve body quality is easily controlled, has improved machining efficiency.




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