Electrode holder subassembly structure under projection welding



The utility model relates to an electrode holder subassembly structure under projection welding, include the bottom electrode, install and put in locating pin, the cover of bottom electrode upper end the lower electrode holder of bottom electrode and install in the bottom electrode below and the displacement test rod in placing down electrode holder in installs lumber skid installation card slot and the lumber skid that insulate between the lower terminal surface of locating pin and the upper end of displacement test rod, one side of electrode holder has the compressed air entry down, the lower extreme of locating pin has a first oblique anchor ring, the lower extreme mask of bottom electrode have with the oblique anchor ring of first oblique anchor ring complex second, installing the sealing ring on the displacement test rod, installing the spring between sealing ring and the lumber skid installation card slot, the lower extreme of sealing ring is global to have an oblique anchor ring of third, lower electrode holder's inner peripheral surface have inwards convex, with the oblique anchor ring of the oblique anchor ring complex fourth of third.




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