Dropping board is leaked in easy loading and unloading



The utility model discloses a dropping board is leaked in easy loading and unloading, including leaking dropping board body, apron, leak the dropping board body and be square, peripheral hardware round frame, if interior xeromenia latitude strip no. 1 forms a plurality of excrement -leaking hole no. 1, submerged function storehouse is established to left side below, if function storehouse bottom dry hole, the apron dress is in function hatch opening portion, the periphery is established and is enclosed the frame, if interior xeromenia weft no. 2 forms a plurality of excrement -leaking hole no. 2, the utility model discloses enclose pull formula installation, the bottom of cage is bred the rabbit to dress that can be convenient, and the fecal energy is revealed for one kind from excrement -leaking hole, concentrates to collect and handles, can not breed cage bottom deposit again, need not take down when simply clearing up, as long as the water directly washes just, keeps breeding the cleanness of cage and hourglass dropping board body, and the setting in function storehouse does benefit to and places corresponding disinfection medicine as required.




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