Planting technique outer wall system



The utility model discloses a planting technique outer wall system. Planting technique outer wall system, including outer wall body (9), outer wall body (9) outside is fixed with skeleton (1), it is used for planting green planting groove (2) of planting to install a plurality of on skeleton (1), being provided with the export orientation on outer wall body (9) and planting watering pipe (3) of groove (2), outer wall body (9) lateral surface is provided with waterproof layer (8). The utility model discloses outside on the wall body fixed the setting plant the groove, plant the inslot and plant the plant that sedum lineare etc. Easily grows, carry out automation through watering pipe regularly to water the work load of reducible routine maintenance, the survival rate of improvement plant. The utility model discloses realize pleasing to the eye, the durable possibility of wall body afforestation on comparatively cheap price basis, can effectively solve the hidden danger of leaking of green wall face, improved service life, reduced the work load of routine maintenance.




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