Mathematics explanation is with supplementary figure drawing board


  • Inventors: GONG XIAOFEI
  • Assignees: 宫晓菲
  • Publication Date: March 29, 2017
  • Publication Number: CN-206058630-U


The utility model discloses a mathematics explanation is with supplementary figure drawing board, including the device base, device base lower part is provided with a set of sucking disc, be provided with blackboard eraser box and pencil box on the position of device base upper portion one side, be provided with ruler box on the device base upper portion opposite side position, be provided with grudging post and lower locating rack on the intermediate position of device base upper portion, the spiro union has a set of positioning bolt on the locating rack down, the grudging post with it is provided with first frame and second frame to slide between the locating rack down, grudging post upper portion is provided with the locating rack, it is connected with a set of press button through a set of tension springs to go up the locating rack, be provided with the blank on the first frame, be provided with the coordinate board on the second frame. This mathematics explanation is with supplementary figure drawing board is fixed stable, writes the convenience, has two kinds and writes the face and can select, provides very big convenience for the drawing, and is multiple functional, write the drawing face change easy, convenient to carry.




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