Tail pipe and car with two cavity helmholtz silencers



The utility model provides a tail pipe and car with two cavity helmholtz silencers has the tail pipe of two cavity helmholtz silencers, include: tail pipe upper segment, a helmholtz chamber, connecting pipe, the 2nd helmholtz chamber and tail pipe hypomere, wherein, the tail pipe upper segment inserts a helmholtz intracavity portion with muffler inlet welding section on the helmholtz chamber is welded integratively, connecting pipe one end with helmholtz chamber intercommunication, the other end of connecting pipe with the 2nd helmholtz chamber intercommunication, the tail pipe hypomere inserts the 2nd helmholtz intracavity portion with silencer export welding section on the 2nd helmholtz chamber welds an organic whole, solves tail pipe to reducing the little problem of noise contribution.




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