Stud welding mechanism



The utility model provides a be applied to sheet metal component stud welding equipment technical field's stud welding mechanism, stud welding mechanism includes connecting seat (1), connecting seat (1) is connected with anchor clamps base (2), set up trompil portion (3) on connecting seat (1), during welder welding double -screw bolt (4), welder sets up to can the structure of cartridge in trompil portion (3), still set up fluting portion (5) on connecting seat (1), fluting portion (5) sets up to the structure with trompil portion (3) intercommunication, connecting seat (1) sets up the white rust steel that has insulating properties of serving as reasons and makes the structure that forms, the utility model discloses a stud welding mechanism, simple structure can avoid the remanence line of force to push electric arc to magnetic field little one side from the big one side in magnetic field, reduces the arc blow among the stud welding, and it influences stud welding to have eliminated the arc blow, and welding back double -screw bolt and sheet metal component nugget form betterly, improve stud welding intensity.




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