Ladle turret xarm frame



The utility model relates to a ladle turret xarm frame, including from the bottom up civil engineering basis, unable adjustment base, slewing bearing and the revoliving arm of order setting in proper order, the revoliving arm contains light -tonnage ladle seat, large -tonnage ladle seat and the hookup body, two are light -tonnage ladle seat and two large -tonnage ladle seats according to light -tonnage ladle seat large -tonnage ladle seat light -tonnage ladle seat large -tonnage ladle seat encircles the setting in proper order and is coupleing all side formation cruciform structure of the body, the installation slot hole has been seted up on the large -tonnage ladle seat, two large -tonnage ladle seat symmetrical is coupleing the left and right sides of personally experiencing sth. Part of the body, two symmetrical was coupleing the front and back both sides of personally experiencing sth. Part of the body after light -tonnage ladle seat passed the installation slot hole respectively, the slewing bearing side is provided with drive arrangement. The utility model discloses structural design is simple, compact, reasonable, and intensity is high, and stability is good, can carry the ladle of two kinds of tonnages simultaneously, and is high -efficient convenient.




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