Mobile office equipment box



The utility model discloses a mobile office equipment box, the power distribution box comprises a box body, there is the case lid one side of box through hinged joint, the inside of case lid is equipped with the documents pouch and be equipped with the hasp on the documents pouch, the inside bottom surface of box is equipped with first tool holder, adopt the documents pouch, the structure make full use of box and the inside fixed space of case lid of first tool holder, make the effect that whole device can the full play office equipment case, adopt the hinge seat, first connecting rod, the pin, the second connecting rod, the effect in extension space has been built in the limited space of structure make full use of incasement of second tool holder and third tool holder, the size of parking space has also been widened, the structure that adopts electric telescopic handle and controller makes whole equipment box can act as the effect of interim desk, provide the platform that steadily to write or to draw for the user, it is very practical and simple and convenient, the reasonable novelty of whole device design, device effect than traditional is better.




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