Assembled freezer joins externally gutter wallboard



The utility model relates to an assembled freezer joins externally gutter wallboard, include: two blocks of steel sheets, PIR insulation material, nylon plate, PIR insulation material fills between two blocks of steel sheets, its characterized in that: two parts about wherein an inboard steel sheet is cut apart to become, the steel sheet on upper portion turns up in roofing lap -joint, and the steel sheet of lower part turns up in roofing lap -joint, the nylon plate design is the C type, and nylon plate's the various steel sheet in C type mouth card income upper portion and the department of turning up of the various steel sheet in lower part fix integratively become. The utility model discloses under the condition that does not influence the insulation material connection, the not enough condition of roofing structure atress has been solved. Used nylon plate heat -proof quality is good, and the tensile is wear -resisting, has strengthened the mechanical properties of heat preservation overlap joint node, has improved the holistic stability of assembled freezer envelope.




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