Synchronizer gear sleeve class part spiral -flow type barreling polishing processing tool equipment



The utility model discloses a synchronizer gear sleeve class part spiral -flow type barreling polishing processing tool equipment contains frock head (2) and the work body, frock head (2) upper end can be installed and removed to main shaft (1) of spiral -flow type barreling polishing processing equipment on fast, the work body still includes first gear pole (301), first connecting block (601), first jackshaft (801), first loose axle (501), and the lower extreme of first connecting block (601) upper end and frock head (2) passes through threaded connection, the lower extreme and first jackshaft (801) the threaded connection of first connecting block (601), hollow first connecting block (601) are passed in first gear pole (301), and first gear pole (301) couple through first loose axle (501) and first connecting block (601), install a positioning ball (401) on first connecting block (601), through the utility model discloses a device processing tooth cover back, can realize the ring shaped workpieces if the disposable whole surface treatment of the interior outer lane of tooth cover just to process the effect good.




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