Die carrier location installation mechanism cuts



The utility model discloses a die carrier location installation mechanism cuts, including cylinder, cylinder fixed plate, go up mould follow -up seat, workstation, cutting the mould guide pillar, the cylinder fixed plate is fixed on the workstation through cutting the mould guide pillar, goes up mould follow -up seat and reciprocates along cutting the mould guide pillar through cutting the mould guide pin bushing, and the output shaft of cylinder passes the cylinder fixed plate and is connected with last mould follow -up seat, it has four to cut the mould guide pillar, and wherein two cut the mould guide pillar and fix on the workstation through accurate positioning seat, and remaining two cut the mould guide pillar and are connected with the workstation through adjustable accurate positioning seat, adjustable accurate positioning seat preinstallation rigidity has the shop bolt on the workstation. This product improves the cooperation precision, steadiment and product yield, simultaneously, improve equipment efficiency.




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