Clothes hanger is hung to portable falling to ground



The utility model discloses a clothes hanger is hung to portable falling to ground, including cross support frame, support, dead lever and string clothing link means of falling to the ground, the universal wheel is installed to cross support frame below, cross support frame top is installed and is fallen to the ground the support, fall to the ground and support the top and establish and hang a clothing link means, it links to each other with falling to the ground to support through the dead lever to hang the clothing link means, fall to the ground and support the side and have hook mounting hole, the last couple that is equipped with of hook mounting hole, fall to the ground and support below installation battery case, the inside dress battery of battery case links to each other with ultraviolet lamp, the ultraviolet lamp below is equipped with the switch, the switch is located between battery case and the ultraviolet lamp, the utility model has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, retractable hangs the clothing link means, more saves space, uses more portablely, ultraviolet lamp has disinfection's effect to hanging article, and is more practical.




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