Novel low energy consumption carbon -free trolley



The utility model discloses a novel low energy consumption carbon -free trolley, including front wheel, rear wheel, shaft, connecting rod, spooler, first gear train, second gear train, space cam, steering mechanism and heavy object, two rear wheels are through a wheel hub connection, the shaft is connected with the link drive through first gear train, shaft and connecting rod parallel arrangement, the intermediate position of connecting rod has concatenated the spooler, be connected with driving rope one end on the spooler, the other end and the heavy object that sets up on the spooler of driving rope are connected, the connecting rod passes through the second gear train and is connected with the transmission of space cam one end, the space cam other end is connected with the steering mechanism drive, steering mechanism is connected with front wheel setting. The utility model discloses utilize the geometrical locus of function, cut out the orbit that the dolly needs on cylindrical cam, form the space cam, the walking of a complete orbit in the dolly is accomplished to the rotatory a week of space cam, avoids worrying back the kinematic error that brings and the waste of energy.




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