Cubic object fastening structure



The utility model discloses a cubic object fastening structure, including first fixed plate, second fixed plate, gag lever post, fixed head, first threaded rod, screw sleeve, second threaded rod and hexagon head, four turnings of first fixed plate and second fixed plate respectively are equipped with a set of gag lever post, and the gag lever post runs through first fixed plate and second fixed plate, the terminal surface that is just lieing in first fixed plate and second fixed plate is equipped with the fixed head, and the tip of first fixed plate is equipped with two sets of first threaded rods, and just two sets of first threaded rods pass through the inside of threaded connection screw sleeve one end about central symmetry setting, the tip of first threaded rod, and the inside of the screw sleeve other end is fixed at the surperficial second threaded rod of second fixed plate through threaded connection is a set of, and screw sleeve's surface is equipped with the hexagon head. The utility model discloses, the pressure that needs when providing the interlinkage through screw sleeve and threaded rod can effectively play spacing fixed action, and does not change the performance of being confined the piece.




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