Concatenation type storehouse board



The utility model relates to a storehouse board technical field, especially, relate to a concatenation type storehouse board, the storehouse board is formed by the concatenation of a plurality of templates, the template includes the endosexine, the extexine and be located the endosexine and the extexine between the filling layer, the endosexine and the extexine that are located the left end template between the two adjacent templates all inwards the upset form the U type and turn over the hem, the interior side that the U type turned over the hem leans out, U type that the filling layer is close to the endosexine turns over one side of the interior side of hem and has offered the draw -in groove, U type that the filling layer is close to the extexine turns over one side of the interior side of hem and has also offered the draw -in groove, the utility model discloses simple structure, convenient operation, the freezer of being convenient for is maintained, has guaranteed the heat preservation effect that the freezer is good simultaneously, has avoided between current panel and the panel coming fixed connection through the couple lock, every group couple lock must punch on panel, then is covering with the stopper, if the hole on the panel does not plug up completely, the problem of the heat preservation effect of greatly reduced freezer.




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