River channel oil slick intake system



The utility model discloses a river channel oil slick intake system, including interception system and the oil gathering system who is located the river course, oil gathering system is located interception system one side, interception system includes the oil blocking board of the left right direction series connection in a plurality of edges, connects through buffer connecting piece between two blocks of adjacent oil blocking boards, oil gathering system includes the transversal square profit collecting box of personally submitting, and profit collecting box upper portion is uncovered, and profit collecting box one side meets and is equipped with the inlet with the oil blocking board, and inlet department is equipped with the filter screen, is equipped with the mounting bracket in the profit collecting box, is equipped with the sewage pump on the mounting bracket, and the inlet of sewage pump is connected with the pipette, and the pipette opening is at profit collecting box middle part, and the liquid outlet of sewage pump is connected with oil water separator through the drain pipe, the utility model discloses processing such as simple structure, simple operation be high -efficient, can effectively tackle the greasy dirt on river surface and aspirate, greasy dirt separation.




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