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US-8283128-B2: Methods and compositions for monitoring and risk prediction in cardiorenal syndrome patent, US-8140667-B2: Method and apparatus for inexpensively monitoring and controlling remotely distributed appliances patent, US-7289357-B2: Isolation structure for deflectable nanotube elements patent, US-7319003-B2: Arrays of probes for positional sequencing by hybridization patent, US-8478742-B2: Using estimated cost to refresh a set of materialized views (MVS) patent, US-8012533-B2: Composition and method for making a proppant patent, US-8222010-B2: Renewable chemical production from novel fatty acid feedstocks patent, US-8373230-B1: Method for fabrication of a semiconductor device and structure patent, US-8156128-B2: Contextual mobile content placement on a mobile communication facility patent, US-8291119-B2: Method and systems for securing remote access to private networks patent, US-8232441-B2: Process for converting gaseous alkanes to liquid hydrocarbons patent, US-693390-A: Electric signaling apparatus. patent, US-699225-A: Electric-arc lamp. patent, US-717222-A: Kitchen-cabinet. patent, US-718930-A: Slotting-machine. patent, US-737882-A: Process of electrolytically preparing lithographic plates. patent, US-766400-A: Process of manufacturing gas and coke. patent, US-783123-A: Recoil-operated small-arms. patent, US-792278-A: Bath-brush. patent, US-7326822-B1: Method for treating sour gas patent, US-7369000-B2: Adaptive frequency detector of phase locked loop patent, US-6884440-B2: Composition of multipurpose high functional alkaline solution composition, preparation thereof, and for the use of nonspecific immunostimulator patent, US-7686278-B2: Tooth mold retaining frame patent, US-7238980-B2: Semiconductor device having plural electroconductive plugs patent, US-6869031-B2: Spraying nozzle for rewet showers patent, US-8180471-B2: Tuning a process controller based on a dynamic sampling rate patent, US-6908697-B2: Organic electroluminescence device patent, US-7866571-B2: Portable spraying device patent, US-6904009-B2: Optical disk apparatus patent, US-7106357-B2: Portable information terminal device having camera feature patent, US-7443036-B2: Manufacturing method of semiconductor device patent, US-7641080-B2: Dispensing mechanism using long tubes to vary pressure drop patent, US-8188565-B2: Semiconductor chip and shielding structure thereof patent, US-6957960-B2: Method and apparatus kit for demonstrating archimedes' principle patent, US-7178741-B2: Micro droplet generator patent, US-7263517-B2: Structured natural language query and knowledge system patent, US-7292524-B2: Information recording medium, information reproducing apparatus, information reproducing method and information recording method patent, US-7312120-B2: Method for obtaining extreme selectivity of metal nitrides and metal oxides patent, US-7924803-B2: Antenna selection for mobile stations in OFDMA networks patent, US-8222858-B2: Electric power supply system patent, US-7298607-B2: Method and apparatus for reinforcing a chassis patent, US-7689980-B2: Splitting the computation space to optimize parallel code patent, US-8088693-B2: Substrate treatment method patent, US-7075237-B2: Illumination control apparatus and failure detecting apparatus patent, US-7411271-B1: Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor patent, US-7768133-B2: Semiconductor device and semiconductor module employing thereof patent, US-7778421-B2: Method for controlling access to encrypted content using multiple broadcast encryption based control blocks patent, US-7826425-B2: Method and system for loss-less roaming with wireless bridging patent, US-8369773-B2: Repeater and self-excitation detecting method and system patent, US-6950105-B2: Power consumption management in a video graphics accelerator patent, US-7094833-B2: Block copolymer patent, US-7504198-B2: Methods for enhancing resolution of a chemically amplified photoresist patent, US-7981835-B2: System and method for coproduction of activated carbon and steam/electricity patent, US-8209443-B2: System and method for identifying lost/stale hardware in a computing system patent, US-8511856-B2: LED device having printable layer patent, US-6867131-B2: Apparatus and method of increasing sram cell capacitance with metal fill patent, US-7010587-B1: Data communication system, and server and client computer constructing said system patent, US-7187921-B1: Apparatus, system and method for forwarding data sent to a wireless device to another address patent, US-7393417-B1: Semiconductor-manufacturing apparatus patent, US-7517866-B2: LIM mineralization protein splice variants patent, US-7545174-B2: Level shift circuit and display device having the same patent, US-7719306-B2: Output buffer for an electronic device patent, US-8193449-B2: Low inductance busbar patent, US-7074545-B2: Printing plate material patent, US-7093128-B2: Information recording/reproducing apparatus and method patent, US-8506137-B2: Adaptive front lighting system and control method of the same patent, US-7073353-B2: Production of mineral wool patent, US-7727398-B2: Colored wastewater discoloration method patent, US-7884614-B2: Device of electrodes for measuring water content in foundry sand, an apparatus for measuring water content in foundry sand, and a method and an apparatus for supplying water to a sand mixer patent, US-7923737-B2: Three-terminal switch array device, combined semiconductor device, and image forming apparatus patent, US-8003524-B2: Plating seed layer including an oxygen/nitrogen transition region for barrier enhancement patent, US-8487720-B2: Acoustic wave resonator and acoustic wave filter using the same patent, US-7599183-B2: Variable position dampers for controlling air flow to multiple modules in a common chassis patent, US-7775029-B2: Manufacturing method and apparatus for producing digital yarns using hybrid metal for high speed communication and digital yarns thereof patent, US-8299175-B2: Method of preparing thermoplastic resin having superior gloss, impact strength and whiteness patent, US-6919323-B2: Pyridazinone inhibitors of fatty acid binding protein and method patent, US-6972134-B2: Method of preparing positive active material for rechargeable lithium batteries patent, US-7781409-B2: Composition for external use patent, US-8445139-B2: Bipolar electrode batteries and methods of manufacturing bipolar electrode batteries patent, US-7898736-B2: Hybrid optical/electronic structures fabricated by a common molding process patent, US-8337735-B2: Solder mold plates used in packaging process and method of manufacturing solder mold plates patent, US-6996302-B2: Optical demultiplexer, optical multi-/demultiplexer, and optical device patent, US-7932032-B2: Method for diagnosing esophageal cancer patent, US-7967265-B2: Electronic device mounting bracket for a horizontal support patent, US-8119343-B2: Method for identifying oculoskeletal dysplasia in dogs patent, US-7726024-B2: Manufacturing method for a heat exchanger patent, US-8414469-B2: Medical robotic system having entry guide controller with instrument tip velocity limiting patent, US-6929543-B1: Fishing game device patent, US-8127188-B2: Semiconductor integrated circuit and design automation system patent, US-7038133-B2: Wire harness protector patent, US-7084139-B2: Pyrrolidin-2-one derivatives as inhibitors of factor Xa patent, US-7189702-B2: Glucopyranosyloxypyrazole derivatives and medicinal use thereof patent, US-7517530-B2: Methods for treatment of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) deficiency comprising administration of IGF-1 and growth hormone patent, US-8012566-B2: Microneedles formed by electroplating and selectively releasing temperature sensitive layers patent, US-8212900-B2: Method and apparatus providing color interpolation in color filter arrays using edge detection and correction terms patent, US-7295714-B2: Image processing circuit and image processing method that prevent problems occurring in image reduction patent, US-7858380-B2: Sol-gel encapsulated hexanuclear clusters for oxygen sensing by optical techniques patent, US-8056337-B2: Internal combustion engine and control method thereof patent, US-8155305-B2: Electronic device having pixels displaying an image and pixels displaying an operation key patent, US-7369044-B2: Display apparatus for vehicle patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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